Hi, I'm the photographer!

I am Sebastian. I am a guy with a camera & I'm from cologne.

Fotograf Sebastian Becker in Köln fotografiert von Dennis Süßmuth

I tell the story of people in fashion and lifestyle.

My work tries to capture the beauty of every moment in a truthful, matter-of-fact kind of way. That is also the reason, why I tend to gravitate towards direct flash photography rather than large lighting setups. Nothing scares me more than the oh so serious athmosphere of planned environments.

I much rather prefer the spontaneous energy coming from spur of the moment situations and improvisation.

This is also, what I am looking for in the people I photograph and the energy I try to bring to every session.

Not taking yourself too serious, and leaving space for the random quirky moments that make life so much more interesting than meticulously trying to be perfect.

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This is me:

Ausstellung F.A.Q. ind der alten VHS Bonn
Fotograf Sebastian Becker in Köln fotografiert von Maya Dolata - maike.maya